Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moped History: 1977 Honda Express

It was May 16th, 2009. My girlfriend and I were scouring through a
bunch of junk at the Brimfield Fair in Brimfield, MA. We turned the
corner of a big red barn and saw this green beast just sitting there.
The man selling this moped said it belonged to a friend of his in
Michigan. He was asking $400 but my girlfriend and I offered him
$350 cash on the spot if he could prove to us that it was in running
condition. After a few attempts he got it to idle briefly before it ran
out of gas. He accepted our offer and so began my moped addiction.

When we got home I was shocked to discover that there were so
many parts available for it on eBay. With the help of Ebay and
BikeBandit.com, I was able to fully restore the Express. Besides
replacing the tires, tubes, bulbs, and battery, I cleaned and painted
the muffler and muffler guard, cleaned the gas tank with vinegar,
cleaned and rebuilt the carburetor, replaced the missing air box,
filter, carburetor cover, mud flap, and installed a new key ignition

I've put a couple hundred miles on the Express since restoring it. It
resides in northwestern CT where I ride it on weekends.


  1. The Honda in action!


  2. HA!!! That's awesome. A fellow Honda Express nc 50 Moped fanatic. I realy would have liked to see the blog posts of step-by-step you restoring the 1977 Express. $350 was not a bad price for your Honda moped purchase. I agree with your mention of Ebay and BikeBandit.com for your honda moped parts. I just bought a foam air cleaner/filter for my 1978 Honda Express NC50 Ped. Overall, very cool blog and I hope to see more posts of some of your new moped ventures!


  3. i just traded some tattoo work for a 1977 honda express just like yours ..green everything ...its all complete just needs a battery

  4. Sweet! I just ran across this blog while searching for pics of a green Honda Express like I had when I was a youngster. I had one that looked just like yours that I rode the heck out of all over Oahu for a couple of years that my family was stationed there. I hope I find one like yours someday so it can reside in a place of honor next to my current motorcycles for it was the machine that awoke my love of riding in the wind!